Sunday school is an opportunity to get plugged into a small group and get to know people on a deeper level.  We would love to have you join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.  At the present time, our adult classes meet together as one ‘mixed adult class.’ Please join us!

Just so you’ll know, Emmanuel is using the same curriculum church-wide. We are using the Answers in Genesis curriculum, the description of which may be checked out in their Store on the AIG Website.



Led by Dr. Everett McKibben
Current study: A Study in the Word

This mixed adult class is for any adult – young, not-so-young, single, or married – who desires to delve deeper into the Word. The class consists of housewives, grandparents (even a few great grandparents), professors, school teachers, nurses, doctors (one, a medical doctor), scientists, secretaries, retirees, and motorcycle enthusiasts (you name it).

You are invited to join us in the Fellowship Hall each Sunday morning for an intensive time of learning together how to be more serious students of God’s Word.  Our Sunday morning times of study makes for interesting and rich times of dialogue.


Led by Jonathan Tucker
Current Study: A Study in the Word

This class for college students meets in the large classroom on the right of the hallway when entering the left doorway into the Worship Center.  (Also, another entrance to this classroom is adjacent to the ‘coffee bar’ in the foyer of the Worship Center.)

All college students are invited to join us for an intensive study and serious approach to God’s Word as we come together to learn and grow in Christ. Come join us!


Led by Keith and Sheila Jeffries
Led by Andy Langford and Grace Layton
Current Study: A Study in the Word

These classes for varsity and jr. varsity students meet on the second floor directly above the Worship Center. Two stairways leading to the second floor are located in the foyer of the Worship Center adjacent to the ‘coffee bar’ and just before entering the Worship Center from the long hallway.

All varsity and jr. varsity students are invited to join us for a time of intensive study and fellowship as we come together to learn and grow in Christ.



These classes, including info about their respective teachers, are listed in KID’S CONNECTION.  Please visit us there!

NEW MEMBERS CLASS (Discovering Emmanuel)
Led by Kenny Hodges

“Foundations in Grace” is a semester course based on Titus 2:11-14. It was designed and written by “Pastor Kenny” to provide a sure foundation for all who have chosen to make Emmanuel home. It is a study of Basic Bible Doctrine regarding the Gospel of Grace and the Christian Life. Don’t let the word “Basic” trick you. We might better say “Foundational,” for this course consists of several sessions (lecture, dialogue, Q & A) of thinking through what the Bible says about GRACE (the course is more meat than milk).

Kenny and the Elders desire that everyone at Emmanuel take this course, but deem it a pre-requisite for those who have a desire to teach.  Watch and listen for an announcement when this course will be offered next. You can preview the course in the Theological Topics section.