The Meaghers


Dr. Michael and Diane Meagher (pronounced “Marr”) are the founders of Siberian Mission, a pioneer work among the isolated Sakha villages of north-central Siberia, Russia.

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The Meagher Story:

As a teen in 1965, Diane surrendered to Christ and a call to missions.  In 1969, while studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood, Michael accepted the free gift of eternal life and also heard a missions call.  From 1975 to 1996 they served together in home missions and church planting while raising 4 kids to love and serve God.  Visiting Siberia in 1994, Pastor Michael heard God’s call there.  In 1996, he and Diane left for Siberia by faith with no promise of financial support, and have carried God’s love and salvation message to the isolated Sakha people through teaching English, open evangelism, and training pastors.

In north-central Siberia’s infamous “Black Hole” is the Vilyuisk region where missionaries are forbidden.  There the Meaghers lived as humble servants, earning the love and trust of its un-reached people.  In 1999 they purchased a 2-story log home, at the strategic crossroads of 4 regions – establishing it as a gospel printing house, school for pastors, evangelism and humanitarian aide center, and hostel for travelers.

Today, Dr. Meagher directs the mission, and is Dean of Missiology at Masters Graduate School of Divinity ( He is teaching by extension a new generation of pioneer missionaries, using Siberian Mission as a model and practicum tool.  The Meaghers challenge US churches per Matthew 25:13-17: to adopt Sakha missionaries, pastors, and village churches who desperately lack life’s basic provisions.  Siberian Mission is a 501(C)(3) conduit of love for support, expansion, and encouragement of the fledging Sakha church.

Please ask our Heavenly Father if He would delight to have you join Siberian Mission in intercessory prayer and giving; that by many faithful servants, the eternal harvest of Sakha souls continues to be gathered and matured.  To encourage Michael and Diane in their work, or to give financially, visit or write to:

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