The Heerahs




Ronnie and Meela Heerah were  born in Trinidad, West Indies. Ronnie originates from the capital city of Port of Spain area and Meela is from a town on the east coast called Sangre Grande.They were married in 1988 and served together in a local church for two years  in the Sunday School and the Youth ministry. In 1990 they both answered the call of God on their lives to be trained in His word and to be prepared to do His work full time. In 1991 Ronnie resigned his job as an air-conditioning technician and Meela resigned as well as a bank clerk and they moved to the US to study at Florida Bible College.

In 1995 Ronnie and Meela both graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in General Bible with emphasis on Pastoral Studies and Church Education. They assisted in a cell church plant in central Florida in 1994 and served as the Worship Leader as well as Married couples small group leaders. Ronnie and Meela returned to Trinidad with their first child (Ilissa Joy – at 3 months old) as local missionaries in October 1995.

From 1996 to 2001 Ronnie and Meela served as the pastoral couple at their home church in Trinidad – Sangre Grande Evangelical Church. In 1998 they experienced a deep tragedy and loss when Illisa (their first child) went home to be with the Lord while on vacation / furlough in the US. Ronnie and Meela have been able to cope with this deep loss and pain only by God’s sustaining grace and the support and love of many relatives and close friends, . Today, twelve years later, they have three children: Justin -13, Joseph -10, and Charissa – 4. They all so look forward to heaven.

In 2000, Ronnie, together with his brother-in-law Edward, started a men’s ministry called the Upper Room Men’s Group. Ronnie turned this ministry over to another local pastor in July, 2002 and this ministry continued until June 2010 to reach men for Jesus.

From September 2002 – July 2008 Ronnie and Meela served at Westside Community Church in Westmoorings, Port of Spain as the Senior Pastor and Children’s Ministry Director. In the summer of 2007 they both sensed the Lord leading them to return to Sangre Grande and so in July 2008 they returned and resettled into life among close friends and family in their home town.

In October 2008, Ronnie started another men’s ministry called iMen Ministry, geared to helping men become men of Intimacy, Identity, Integrity and Influence. In January 2009, Meela started a women’s Bible Study called iWomen with the same vision. These two ministries have touched the lives of over 30 men and 30 women over the last year and a half, Many have come to Christ and many others have been encouraged in His word and grown in fellowship & prayer.

For the last 4 years Ronnie and Meela have been sensing the Lord’s call on their lives to plant a church geared to reach those who are not necessarily interested in traditional ‘church’ or not following any particular denomination but simply wanting to learn how to follow Christ. In other words – they feel the need to plant a church for the ‘un-churched’.

In April 2009, a small group of people began meeting together in the Heerah’s home for worship, Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. On May 18, 2010, they registered a non profit organization called ‘Living Hope Ministries’ with the government of Trinidad and Tobago. On July 4th 2010, this small group, as well as some close friends and supporters of the ministry,  embarked on the journey of starting a new church where people will come and find true HOPE.

Our prayer is that HOPE Community Church (a ministry of Living Hope Ministries) will be a place where people will encounter Jesus Christ and experience healing of our past, help for our present, and have a correct perspective of eternity.

We are trusting the Lord to see this new church launched on November 14, 2010 (the anniversary date of our first daughter’s passing 12 years ago). Meetings will continue once per month until then to cast the vision and build the core community of Hope Community Church. Please contine to lift us up in pray.

1: 28, ” Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.”