GROUPS:  Ladies Only – All Adults (Mixed) – College & Career Young Adults

TUESDAYS – 9:30 am in the Cole home, Last Days/End Times study for ladies of all ages – using our Bibles as our main resource, we are also using publications by various prophecy scholars. Our recent past study was from the book and DVD by Bill Salus,‘The NOW Prophecies,’ an in-depth look at Biblical prophecies relevant to our times which are found in the books of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Amos, Obadiah, Psalms, and others. Previously, we’ve studied the Book of Daniel, a DVD study by Chuck Missler, and a DVD study on the Book of Revelation by Dr. Ed Hindson. This group study is open to all; in fact, the information we are studying is available to anyone interested. We dialog and post information on our Facebook Group: End Times’ Prophecies Studies. Contact Mary for more details (marycebc [at] gmail [dot] com).

WEDNESDAYS – 9:00 am at the church, Betty McPhail leads a ladies’ small group Bible study each week on various topics. Nursery provided.

SUNDAYS – 5:00 pm – This is an opportunity for all adults who are not involved in AWANA or the Youth or College groups to meet in a small group setting to take an in-depth look at the Scriptures under the leadership of Pastor Kenny.  We meet in the EBC Library for this study which usually ends within 60-90 minutes.

SUNDAYS – 7:00 pm – The College and Career young adults meet for fellowship, a meal, and time of devotion in the home of Everett and Rachelle McKibben.

ON-LINE BIBLE STUDY – This is a unique Bible study in that its members do not meet in person. Instead, they each do the same Bible study at home on their own time and share on a private Facebook page their thoughts, questions, observations, etc. The current online study is the book of Ecclesiastes. If anyone would like to join they can email Bridget Willeford (bridgetwilleford [at] yahoo [dot] com).